Ministry of Attorney General

I started at Attorney General to rebuild the Finance and Administration intranet website. The existing site was not very current or useful, and needed to be replaced. Chief among the issues was an inconsistent navigation that changed from one page to another, and an outdated design. As a whole, the site was not very pleasing to look at, and was difficult to use.

Numerous page layouts and colour schemes were proposed, the result of which is visible below. The new site was built from the ground up, with thought put towards usability, accessibility, and degradability.

The end result was a huge improvement and well-received. All the links from the original side navigation were gathered into a collapsing menu on the left, with the links grouped by department. There was also a new top menu which grouped some of the most commonly-used links in one place. This was beneficial to users who did not know what page they were looking for.

After completing the Finance & Admin website, I was invited to do similar work for the Strategic Human Resource Services website. The landscape was similar, as was the result, which was heavily inspired by the Finance & Admin website. The navigation schema was different, and minor design variations were used as well.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Finance & Administration

Strategic Human Resource Services