X-Men Origins: Wolverine

In the first three X-Men movies, Wolverine has always been an interesting character. He is a rogue and, at times, a loner. And yet, extremely fierce in conflict. Not much was made known about his background during the movies.

This newest movie goes into Wolverine’s history, showing how his life started. It then goes into his growing up, his physical and emotional development, how he gained the trademark claws, and his loss of memory. Some characters appear, and events happen, that tie this movie into the rest of the series. They are not glaringly obvious, but if you have seen the other movies, they will be evident.

I cannot pinpoint why, but I do not like this movie quite as much as the others. Perhaps the X-Men concept is starting to wear thin. However, this is still a fun movie to see if you like the series. The special effects are good, there are some daring scenes, and of course some history is established for the Wolverine character.