Weekly Links #19

Targeting the .NET runtime version 2.0 matters
NDepend – great tool – was just updated to use .NET 2.0, rather than 3.5 as required by the previous release.

CSS Typography: Contrast Techniques, Tutorials and Best Practices
Nice round-up.

WordPress 2.7 Navigation Options Survey
The WP team are soliciting user feedback for one of the changes planned in the next release – very good!

Stalking the Wild 2.7
Nice to see what will be in the next WordPress release.

Easier Theme Development with the Sample Post Collection
Will be so useful when working on new designs.

23 Job Boards: The Best For Web Designers + Programmers

ALT.NET, a year or so later from an observer and occasional participant

WordPress Developer’s Toolbox
Another great – and long! – post from Smashing Magazine.

30 Brilliant Vector Logo Designs, Deconstructed
Brilliant post!

jQuery and JavaScript Coding: Examples and Best Practices
More for the reading list.

A Quick Start to Continuous Integration
A good intro to phpUnderControl

PHP Developer Best Practices

Code Refactoring Guidelines

A List Apart is changing
An interesting read, I had always thought ALA was focused primarily on technical articles.

Set default value for Properties
I like the idea, having properties default to specific values.

On Nails, Lipstick, and Redesigns
Ooh, Shaun InmanEthan Marcotte has a new design.

Make Your Linux Desktop More Productive

Starkers for WordPress 2.6.2
The bare-bones themes make a great starting point for a new WP design.

Illustrator Gradients Simplified

25 Beautiful Macro Photography Shots