Weekly Links #117

HTML5, Modernized: Fourth IE9 Platform Preview Available for Developers
The latest IE preview is available. Get it while it’s hot!

Six Useful CSS3 Tools
A roundup of tools that simplify CSS3 development – especially useful for vendor-specific prefixes.

Some nice code editor features provided by the VS 2010 Power Tool Extensions
Scott Guthrie points out a number of useful editor features added by the VS 2010 Power Tool Extensions package.

16 Vital Checks Before Releasing a WordPress Theme
Suggests certain niceties that should be present in a released theme; also useful for building one’s own theme.

"Start spreading the news": the future of Jimmy and IronRuby
A recent kerfuffle around Microsoft reducing support for languages to run on their DLR, which was a big selling point for .NET 4.