Weekly Links #114

HTML5 For Web Designers Sells Out
A Book Apart’s first print run has sold out within two months. Not surprised – I’ve read it, and it is a good book.

A script that enables Internet Explorer 6-8 to render several CSS3 styles.

The CSS Corner: Better Web Typography For Better Design
The Internet Explorer teams reports that the current IE9 preview 3 supports WOFF font format, in addition to Mozilla Firefox. Could a standardized font format for the web be in the offing?

The Reasons I Like Ruby
Rob Conery shares his reasons for taking a liking to Ruby, and compares some aspects of the Ruby language with C#.

A WordPress forum plugin using custom post types
Justin Tadlock shows off a plugin that makes use of custom types in WordPress 3 to build a forum. A nice example of what can be done with custom types.

Andrew Nacin ruminates on the uptake of PHP5, and PHP version support on the web.