Weekly Links #113

Prefix or Posthack
Eric Meyer explains the use of vendor-specific prefixes in CSS, and why they are useful for the evolution of the web.

Introducing WebMatrix
Scott Guthrie announces a new tool – WebMatrix – that is composed of a few new tools, and provides an all-in-one web development solution.

Great Ways to Learn jQuery
A nice roundup of various jQuery resources – books, articles, videos…Worthy of bookmarking!

Never Use $_GET Again
An interesting suggestion in retrieving post data and having it validated and sanitized automatically. Great shortcut for PHP developers.

Increase Productivity by Creating PHP Helper Functions
Suggests writing generic reusable functions to reduce repeated code. Good discussion in the comments.

Use a Daily Log to Keep Yourself Focused on Productivity
A neat idea to keep a “productivity log”. Like the trick of using Notepad to automatically insert date and time.

Recently purchased Klok, an AIR-based time tracking application. A cheap, usable, and useful application!

Mercurial workflows: local development work
An overview of the workflow when using Mercurial version control.

"Refactoring" Notes
A collation of excerpts from, and observations on, Martin Fowler’s refactoring catalog.