Weekly Links #112

JScript and DOM changes in IE 9 preview 3
The latest preview appears to be catching up on script support in a big way. View the resulting compatibility table.

IE‘s big leap forward; CSS3 selectors fully supported
Peter Paul Koch of QuirksMode reports on the CSS support in the latest IE 9 preview – appears to currently support almost all of CS3, with a handful of exceptions. View the compatibility table.

Introducing IIS Express
Scott Guthrie reveals the approach of a basic version of IIS that is between the full version and the developer server included in Visual Studio. Supposed to have the full feature set – should be very useful to developers.

New Embedded Database Support with ASP.NET
Scott Guthrie also informs developers about a new compact version of SQL Server that is file-based, can be deployed via xcopy, is compatible with SQL Server > Express and existing APIs, and is medium-trust-friendly.

250 Quick Web Design Tips (Part 1)
A collection of bite-sized tips on web development – a good variety of topics.

CSS3 Rounded Image With jQuery
Shows a clever workaround to give rounded corners to images via CSS3 and jQuery.

10 Missing Features in WordPress
Suggestions on features that should be part of WordPress. They can be resolved via plugins, but I can agree that a few of them should be in WordPress out of the box.