Weekly Links #111

New FxCop is available
…as part of the new Windows SDK. You must install the SDK, then you can install FxCop from the resulting folder. I think older versions were available standalone, strange that this one is not. [via]

How I use Inversion of Control containers, How I use Inversion of Control containers – pulling from the container
Krzysztof Kozmic explains how IoC tools fit into his projects, then shows how he uses them within a project.

MSTest vs. NUnit with Visual Studio 2010 & TDD
A comparison of two common .NET testing frameworks, showing their differences in facilitating unit testing.

Stop Forking with CSS3
Aaron Gustafson shows off eCSStender, a JavaScript library which equalizes CSS support across browsers, reducing the need to write vendor-specific styles. Requires extra JavaScript use, and allows in turn lighter stylesheets.

Taking Advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 with Modernizr
Faruk Ates demonstrates use of the Modernizr JavaScript library, which adds classes to a webpage’s HTML element to allow use of contextual styles based on browser support. It essentially supplements the cascading part of CSS.

Sandcastle-June 2010 Release
The much-awaited Sandcastle update is now available. It includes numerous bug fixes and support for .NET 4.