Visual Studio to Support jQuery

Well, this was some news to start the week. The buzz around the web today is that Microsoft is going to be supporting the jQuery JavaScript library in future versions of Visual Studio. This support includes bundling the latest version of the library with the software, providing Intellisense support within Visual Studio, and supporting the jQuery project through patches and plugins.

Overall the news has been well received by commenters and bloggers, though of course, there’s the usual cynics nay-saying the deal. There’s some in every crowd…

This is really good news for those that use jQuery and ASP.NET together, as there will be a closer connection between them, and they will be easier to use in conjunction. WordPress did something similar – the blogging software has included jQuery support for some time.

jQuery has been rapidly gaining use around the web in recent times, being that it makes JavaScript easier to write and use, and it hides pesky cross-browser differences. I’m working on figuring it out myself, and will likely have a post on that subject when I’ve had enough time with it.