Visual Studio 2010 Launches

This day has been expected for some time. It’s the day where Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 – the latest and greatest – are made available to the world.

The official announcement has been made on the Microsoft website.

The IDE has been largely overhauled – I first observed this with the RC, and thought it a good improvement. Numerous bits of the IDE have been redone in WPF, but not all. Another upgrade is in the new extension manager. I look forward to using the new IDE on a regular basis.

One change I particularly like is the shift in tiers of the software. The 2010 release brings the various tiers in line with those of Windows and Office, which helps branding efforts. I still somewhat dislike the fracturing between Professional, Premium, and Ultimate, but at least it is a little less confusing than it was for VS 2008 (Standard, Professional, Team System, and Team Suite).

I joined the masses clamouring for the downloads this morning. No doubt Microsoft’s servers were under some heavy use 🙂 At one point additional links were provided to the files on Akamai. I just stuck with my initial download, since it was mostly done. Given the fluctuations in transfer speed, the Ultimate download took around 3 hours.

I did a full install. The components listed during installation counted 33. The Framework 4 component required a restart. The whole process took about 45 minutes. And then I had to restart again!

The IDE starts up pretty quick, and is responsive. The extra weeks taken to optimize did pay off, I think. I’ve already installed some extensions and add-ins (need to figure out what the difference is) and am anticipating ReSharper 5. But I’ve gotten started writing some code, and so far so good.

Edit: R# v5 was released today as well, and I’ve gotten my upgrade!

I’ll be starting to migrate some existing projects to VS 2010 (not necessarily to .NET 4 – immediately, anyway – thanks to multitargeting). I have a new project that I will start on soon with .NET 4 from the beginning.

There’s much reading and coding to be done!

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