Ahem. I guess the excerpt says it all, but I’ll expand on it a bit here, if you’re still reading that is.

It’s been a very long time since I played with Transformers toys – I sure loved those! – so I was somewhat interested when reading about a new Transformers movie. Curiosity got the better of me, so I went and saw it.

It starts out with a quick introductory action scene, then seems to drag on for the better part of an hour. The human characters get introduced. Sam Witwicky, who seems to be the main human character, buys a car to impress a girl. The car seems to have a mind of it’s own, in the things that it does, and it turns out to be an Autobot called Bumblebee (why a car would be called “Bumblebee” is unknown to me, but the Transformers all have somewhat strange names).

So. There happen to be some Decepticons on Earth wreaking havoc, searching for both their leader, Megatron, and a supposedly limitless source of power. A ways into the movie, four “meteorites” crash into the earth, turning out to be more Autobots, good transformers like Bumblebee. And this is where it starts getting good.

The second half of the movie is one action scene after another, the usual good vs evil. Although this is something different, gigantic robots fighting each other, in city streets no less. The humans seem almost superfluous :). The movie could have been robots only, but I guess there had to be some link to reality.

So, in the end, Megatron is defeated and dumped into the ocean, one of the Decepticons (the jet, I think it was Starscream) flies into space, maybe to get reinforcements (?!?!), and the Autobots stick around. Not to mention Sam has a really cool car to drive around in!

The movie was a bit long, at two and a half hours. I was ready for it to end when it did. Most of the first hour just seemed to drag, I was wondering when the action was going to start! The second half dragged in a way too, as it was just one action scene after another. I think some others in the audience would have appreciated a breather too. The transform effects were cool, although they went by much too quickly to really see them.

On the up side, the action scenes we did see were great, no cheesy special effects, oh no, just the good stuff here. As mentioned above, the transforming bits were neat to see, and were one of my more anticipated parts of the movie. And the Transformers themselves look superb.

All in all, this is not your typical summer movie. It might not be the most realistic movie, so far as transforming alien robots go, but it is good if you like a break from reality now and then.