The Dark Knight

I thought Batman Begins was a great movie, and the follow-up is no disappointment.

Batman didn’t get do much character development in this movie – he had the previous one almost all to himself. But he did some strange things in this movie… He was doing something strange with a rough voice when suited up. He was supposed to work in shadows, and yet he appears in broad daylight, and mingles with cops. And does interrogations in a police station. Erk.

The Joker, played by the late Heath Ledger, was just an excellent character. I think this was his movie, more than any other character. In the original Batman movie, the Joker was played by Jack Nicholson. That Joker was just wacky and crazy, really, but Ledger’s Joker is simply evil. Very well done.

Harvey Dent, the local DA, was also a well-done character. He was tough, ambitious, and brave. Batman literature shows that Dent becomes the Two-Face villain at one point, and that happens in this movie. The end result is freaky, and Dent goes from the good DA to evil villain. Nicely done, but still nothing compared to Joker.

The main focus of the movie seems to be crime families and domestic terrorism, which Joker has his hand in. Joker orchestrated quite a few big events, including a very interesting ethical dilemma near the end of the movie. In fact, this movie seems to reveal quite a few different sides of humanity, from love to rage, good to evil, purity and impurity.

The high point of the movie was definitely the Joker and his antics. If you took Joker out of the movie, there wouldn’t be much left.

As a down side, the movie was a bit long at two and a half hours…At the two hour point, things seemed like they were wrapping up, when yet another event occurred, and I was waiting for it to be over. Some of the plot twists were confusing, and took some time to figure out. I like a good action movie, but I think this one moved a little too quickly.

The producers of Batman Begins and Dark Knight are on to something here, so I hope they can continue the trend. We shall see in about two years…