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The Community Resource Library – Help Us Build It!

The WP Daily website has been growing and noticeably active in recent times. One of its latest initiatives is the creation and curation of a library of WordPress-related resources. These run the gamut from news to tutorials to podcasts, touching on numerous subjects over varied media.

This is a welcome initiative because, as powerful as search engines are today, finding relevant, useful, and quality content can still be a challenge for any subject. WP Daily are taking a step to bridging that gap with their Community Resource Library initiative.

Page Template Dashboard For WordPress

A niche, yet potentially time-saving, plugin that shows the template being used by pages when listed in the page manager. Removes the need to click into the page editing view to determine which template is in use. This could be especially useful where multiple different templates are in use, which I am facing in a current project.

The plugin is available in the WordPress repository.

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