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Zurb recently announced the availability of the building blocks showcase for hosting custom components created by people using the Foundation framework. I’ve used Foundation before so was interested in looking at the listing. There are a few entries that have given me some inspiration for what I can do on my own site and elsewhere. The listing can be searched, browsed by category, or browsed from oldest to newest. Each item contains a preview mode and the relevant markup, Sass/CSS, and JavaScript used to achieve the demoed effect.

Announcement blog post

Status roadmap update: srcset, main element, and date inputs in development

Really good to see the Internet Explorer team working on this. Responsive images are a nuisance to implement until they are widely supported across the major browsers.

The official status of srcset is on the Modern IE Status website. The picture element is still under consideration, but even srcset is a step forward.

Also under development: the main element (status) and date-related input types (status).

There are still many steps to be taken, but I see main and srcset as key ones to match the other browsers and to accommodate modern web development. Love it or hate it, Internet Explorer is still a significant browser and these signs of progress are encouraging.

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