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Eric Meyer on CSS Grid and Quotes

Styling of drop quotes (and drop caps) has long been a topic on the web. CSS Grid recently arrived in several major browsers, with the obvious use of handling page layout. Eric Meyer has put forth an alternate use of the grid system, to style drop quotes for blockquotes, though this could possibly be extended to manage drop caps also.

Implementing @font-face

Web standards take time to be finalized, and then implemented by the various web browsers. In some cases, a lot of time. The list of not-yet-widely-supported web standards is a long one. However, that list got shortened by one recently. I am speaking of the widespread ability to embed fonts on webpages. More specifically, the […]

Markup Maker

I stumbled on a really neat-looking tool today: Markup Maker. It allows you to specify a nested set of section names for your webpage, and the script generates all the necessary markup for you. This could be a very useful timesaver when starting with a new page layout!

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