Quantum of Solace


Quantum of Solace - movie poster
Quantum of Solace - movie poster

Daniel Craig continues his role as the excellent James Bond in this, his second film in the series. I thought his premiere in Casino Royale was excellent, and was expecting more of the same in the newest film.

This film picks up where Casino Royale left off, and gets off to a quick start. James is still stinging from Vesper’s betrayal and subsequent death, and he is in a mood to find and deal with those responsible. That does happen at the end.

The Good

The movie is classic Bond, with lots of action and intrigue. It gets off to a quick start. It also has ties to the previous movie. James is looking for revenge for the death of the only woman he loved. He manages to resolve this grief by the end of the movie.

The Not so Good

First thing I didn’t like about the movie was the title: “Quantum of Solace” doesn’t mean anything to me, and doesn’t seem to represent the movie. Second issue was that through the whole movie, the plot was a little too complex. It was difficult to keep up with that was happening.

Bottom Line

Despite my misgivings, this is still a good action movie, and overall a good fit with the rest of the James Bond series. Not quite as good as Casino Royale, but good nonetheless.

I think it is worth seeing for anyone, Bond fan or not.