Pirates of the Caribbean 3: World’s End

One of the movies I had been most anticipating this year was the second follow-up to Pirates of the Caribbean. I rather enjoyed the first two, and just had to see this one.

First off, this movie is just under three hours, which seemed a bit long. I generally like movies to be around two hours: it seems a more manageable length, without being too long or short. Of course, what’s life without exceptions?

We of course have Captain Jack Sparrow – my favorite character in the movie, it wouldn’t be Pirates without him – returning along with Will Turner, Elizabeth Swanson, and many other characters from the previous movies. Those that saw the previous movie remember Jack facing down the very large and very ugly maw of the Kraken at the end. In this movie, Jack first appears in – wouldn’t you know it – Davy Jones’ locker, or the afterlife, I suppose. In an attempt to rescue Jack, the other characters get themselves a ship and a crew and sail to the end of the world. Really. In so doing, they bring Jack back to the world of the living. Not sure how that worked, but it did.

With the gang back together, they set out to defeat Davy Jones. On the way, they form an uneasy alliance with other pirates, and assemble themselves something of a fleet for battle.

And yet, somehow, the British navy has teamed up with Davy Jones and has a fleet much greater than that of the pirates. Nevertheless, Jack, Will, and Eizabeth take their ship in for a one-on-one match with the Flying Dutchman. Thus follows a spectacular battle, with much cleverness, bravery, and special effects (of course).

Eventually, Davy Jones is defeated and his crew returns to normal. Again, not sure how that happened, yet it did. Will for some reason goes on to live the life of a pirate, and Elizabeth settles down and awaits his return.

Well, that’s the broad overview.

This movie seemed complicated; the chain of events and interactions kept hopping from one place to another, and was hard to follow. In this regard, I prefer the first movie as it was simpler, and the plot was easier to keep up with.

The love triangle between the three main characters continues, of course. Elizabeth seems to finally make up her mind near the end, and makes it known.

As in the previous movies, there are many amusing moments: people doing and saying strange things, strange events occurring, and so on. In this way, Pirates 3 carries on the series quite well.

Aside from the complicated plot, and some perhaps unnecessary scenes which made a movie a bit longer than necessary, it was overall enjoyable. If you liked the first two movies, chances are you’ll enjoy this one too.

P.S. If you’re in no hurry, sit through the credits at the end. As with the previous two movies, the credits are followed by a short scene that seemingly continues from a moment during the movie proper.