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Extending WordPress: Custom Fields with CMB2

Custom fields add a tremendous amount of flexibility to WordPress’ built-in content types (posts and pages) but also to custom content types. They allow data entry of different shapes and forms versus the standard editor. I recently had to implement some custom fields on pages and decided to document how I got the job done using CMB2.

Review: Alas, Babylon

Author: Pat Frank Publisher: Harper Perennial Published: 1959 Pages: 323 As part of my ongoing interest in the Second World War (evidenced by my World War 2 tag) I have been looking for books, both fiction and non-fiction, that told stories, not merely presenting facts like The Necessary War. Not that there’s anything wrong with […]

Going Fisheyed with the Nikon 10.5mm

In previous posts in my photography tag, I’ve documented my learning process and acquisition of new equipment. I’ve long eyed getting a fisheye lens; it’s not an overly practical lens versus a fast prime or a fast telephoto, but it can be used to create some interesting photos. I lucked out last summer and found […]

Extending WordPress – Customizing the Customizer

Introduction There has long been a practice in themes including a theme settings page within the administrative dashboard. The customizer, which first appeared in [which??] has been intended as a place to centralize appearance-related settings. WordPress has since been encouraging use of the customizer over theme options pages. The Customizer Whither options pages? WordPress for […]

A Custom Computer Build

I have long watched the PC enthusiast community showcase their custom systems, and followed the commentary on parts selection, aesthetics, performance considerations, and numerous other related topics. I finally put it all to work in planning and assembling my first custom computer.

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