My Next Big Thing: University!

This is something that’s been a long time coming, but it is now a reality: I am going back to school.

This week, I am starting my first year at the University of Victoria (UVic), and will be studying Health Information Science (HINF). It’s a four-year undergraduate program, leading to a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. HINF is rather interesting in that it melds the use of information technology with managing data in the health domain. That fits nicely with my background and previous education, not to mention that the health industry will be a good place to be working in the coming years.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is a day-long orientation for new students; classes start in earnest on Wednesday. I’m in five courses, the standard course load at UVic. It’s a nice balance of required courses versus electives (3:2), some of which I expect will be quite engaging. It’s been some years since I was in college, so I am hoping I will not need too long to settle back into an academic lifestyle.

The result of this change is that I will have less free time available. My time management skills will have to be brought into play to ensure I stay on top of things.

As a result, my web surfing and blogging will be scaled back. I will be cutting down my RSS feeds list, and prioritizing the ones I really want to read over the ones I don’t care as much about. Twitter folks, if your follower count recently dropped by one, that was probably me. I need to reduce my information intake in some areas so I can increase it in others!

I have also done my final Weekly Links post – this is some time I can save each week, and I tend to save links in Delicious anyway (have a look at my collection). Feel free to browse the Weekly Links archive on this site; there are quite a few interesting and useful links there.

This isn’t to say I’ll be giving up blogging altogether. I will continue my programming adventures, and shall attempt to post occasional articles and other interesting and useful bits of information. I’ll also be somewhat active on Twitter; you can follow me if that’s your sort of thing.

Well, that’s my big news. My undergrad career begins tomorrow. Wish me luck!