Live Free or Die Hard

Considering I am a fan of the Die Hard series, I knew I just had to see the latest installment, Live Free or Die Hard.

First off, it seems strange that Die Hard 4 is being released now, so long after the previous movie. Also, I think I’d have preferred they have left the series at nice trio of movies.

Now onto the star, John McClane (played by Bruce Willis). He’s cranky as ever, is having trouble with his teenage daughter (this movie evidently takes place some years after the previous one.), and has gotten into the the thick of a problem once again.

It seems that a group of malcontents, led by a bigger malcontent, are cracking their way into various governmental computer systems, in the process sending traffic control lights out of whack, setting off radiation/biohazard alarms, emptying bank accounts, and even shutting down power to the eastern seaboard. McClane being McClane, somehow manages to track down the bad guys, stop their efforts (not sure how, the plot line gets really confusing at times) with the help of a computer hacker(the good variety), and save the day once again.

There is no shortage of special effects in this movie, and they are rather well done. And of course, McClane manages to do several difficult, not to mention otherwise improbable, actions. In one scene, he takes out a helicopter with a car and a fire hydrant. Another scene ends with him causing the destruction of a fighter jet with a piece of junk. And finally, he flies a helicopter despite never having flown one before. Only McClane, I say.

Despite all the good stuff, at the end of the movie I had the realization that this one was nothing new over other action movies. The same overall plot line: bad guys threaten the country/world, the good guys stop them and save the day, with explosions galore. It seemed to be a generic plot with specific characters and details layered on top.

That said, it’s still a good movie, with the usual wisecracks and cliches. And explosions.

If you like action movies, you should certainly see this one.