Iron Man

I don’t know why it took me so long to see this movie – it’s been in theatres about a month already, and is one I was anticipating. But I finally saw it today.

There seems to be a trend in recent years, where we seem to get at least one superhero movie each year. They are usually fun to watch, if not realistic…But they make a good action movie. Iron Man is no different.

While in Afghanistan, wealthy industrialist Tony Stark (played by Robert Downer Jr.) is wounded and captured after demonstrating a new missile designed by his company, Stark Industries, for the US Army. He is forced by his captors to build a missile for their use, but instead builds a mechanical armored suit, which he uses to escape.

Upon returning to the United States, Stark reflects on his near-death experience and captivity, and declares that his company will no longer build weapons, but his move is blocked by the company board. He decides to take things into his own hands and rebuilds the armored suite from scratch, going through a few testing and refinement phases.

Stark discovers he has been betrayed. The betrayer traveled to Afghanistan and recover parts that were used to build the initial armor, and built a bigger version through reverse-engineering. This leads to a battle between the two, and of course there is a happy ending.

If you sit through the credits at the end, there is an interesting bonus scene which seems to be a prelude for a follow-up movie.

Downey is not an actor that I am familiar with, but he plays the part of Tony Stark rather well. Same for Gwyneth Paltrow and her character, Pepper Potts. And the two of them work well together in this movie.

Overall, Iron Man is a good action film, and one worth seeing.