Introducing Gutenberg Boilerplate For Third Party Custom Blocks!

The Gutenberg Boilerplate has been superseded by a new toolkit called create-guten-block. I wrote about the new tool in a recent post.

The Gutenberg initiative – a new editing experience for WordPress – has been underway for some time. Yet documentation and examples have been a bit thin on the ground, making uptake a challenge for would-be developers. Ahmad Awais has made the effort to coalesce the necessary pieces and best practices into a boilerplate. The result is Gutenberg Boilerplate.

Kudos to Ahmad for taking the initiative. I’ve been perusing what documentation and examples I could find and hadn’t yet attained a complete picture. Yet, having reviewed Ahmad’s boilerplate I have a much better grasp on how a block is put together. I plan to make an attempt at building a custom block, once I decide what to build!

The Boilerplate code is available on GitHub.