Internet Explorer 8 Beta Released

Sheesh. I go out of town for a few days (to sunny-yet-chilly Lethbridge), and look what happens. I come back this weekend to a feeds list with over 1000 new items (I really should trim down the feeds list!). I mostly just scanned the new items, stopping to read the ones of interest. Ones that stood out in particular document new developments in the IE8 proceedings.

So it seems that Microsoft and the IE Team are on a roll these days. Just last week they reversed a previous decision to have IE8 by default work in IE7 compatibility mode. And now they have a first public beta available.

I’m not going to link to every post of interest here, but I will point out that the IE Team blog is the source of official news. The big announcement is here. I’ve read so many posts of initial impressions that my head is just swimming. There is much discussion (and, generally, rejoicing) going on out there.

There are other posts covering feedback channels, new features, CSS testing, the new default layout mode, developer tools, and improved standards support. There is a lot of information there, but the gist of it is very encouraging.

Many people are already using the beta already… apparently it is rather rough around the edges, but it is a first beta, after all. I’m tempted to jump in, but the pool seems crowded enough already. I’m quite happy to let the other enthusiasts find the kinks.

I am pleased with how the IE Team are doing with their news releases these days – it shows that work is indeed progressing. I have read an unverified suggestion that IE8 – final – could be available before year’s end. That may be a bit ambitious, but here’s hoping.

Aside from the reporting on IE8, my site has been pretty quiet lately. February was just busy busy busy at work, and then I had this recent trip to Lethbridge, so I haven’t haven’t had much time for my own interests. Hopefully things will settle down a little bit now. I do have a couple of half-done posts in the works, and I hope to get those published soon.

In other news, I have finally finished another segment of my Adobe CS3 reviews – a brief review of Acrobat has been added to the list.