Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Available

This is big news on the web today, particularly for web developers. The IE team at Microsoft have released the latest beta of Internet Explorer 8.

The first beta was released several months ago, and since then there has not been much in the news about it. Today, however, shows that the project is alive and kicking. Maybe the other browsers vendors – Mozilla et al – will be getting nervous? :p

The first beta was geared towards developers, so far as those who care how the browser will handle web standards. The beta 2 release focuses on the average user, in providing new features and security measures. The compatibility view, as documented here, looks to be a very useful feature.

I haven’t seen the new browser in action yet, as I don’t usually bother with pre-release software (I’m quite happy to let the other enthusiasts do the testing, thank you very much :p). But I am rather curious to see the new browser for myself, so I will look at setting up a virtual machine with Windows XP and the new browser, and see what the fuss is all about 🙂 If I get to doing that, I’ll make sure to report on my experience!

I don’t yet know the plans so far as finalizing the browser, but from the rate at which releases have happened, I think it may be early next year.