Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

If you have read the books, you know how the movies need to be abbreviated to fit in a reasonable time, thereby leaving out a lot of pertinent details that are given in the books. It is necessary, of course, but I was left feeling slightly unsatisfied with what information is given during the movie. I think I need to borrow book six and read it again to refresh myself on the details of this installment.

The biggest event is, of course, near the end where Dumbledore meets his end. Everything else is more or less building up to that moment. Other interesting moments include Ron’s lovestruck moments, Hermione’s jealousy of the other girl hitting on Ron, and Harry’s attraction to Ginny.

It is known at this point that the final movie will be a two-parter. An interesting development, but it makes sense because there will be so many things happening that need to be shown, and yet they can’t all be fit into one showing. I’ve read the final book, and so know how many events take place, details are given, plot lines wrapped up, and so on.

If you have already invested your time in these movies, you may as well see this one. It’s not terrible, but seems slightly lackluster. Maybe because that’s because I have the idea of what is supposed to happen in the final movie, having read that book. This movie is really a buildup to the finale.