Generate WP

A web-based tool for generating various functionalities that WordPress supports, without needing to remember how to create them directly in code.

The following generators are currently provided:

  • Taxonomies – code for supporting custom taxonomies
  • Post types – create custom post types
  • Post status – code to support custom status levels for posts, in addition to published, draft, etc; can also update existing post statuses
  • Sidebars – create custom sidebars
  • Menus – create custom menus
  • Theme support – code for various theme features that need to be activated via add_theme_support

Each of these offer numerous options for customizing the end result. The resulting code can be copied and pasted into a theme or plugin.

There are 6 generators currently; the site indicates that there will be more added, possibly totaling ten to fifteen.

This looks like a very useful resource to return to when needing to implement these capabilities.