Create Guten Block Toolkit

As a follow-up to his Gutenberg Boilerplate from last year (which I wrote about previously), Ahmad Awais has published a toolkit named create-guten-block to easily generate new Gutenberg blocks. While the previous effort simplified the process of block creation, it was still a manual process heavy in NodeJS package dependencies and related configuration.

This new toolkit largely automates the process by providing a generator similar in concept to that of create-react-app. Like create-react-app, it outputs a React project with the necessary supporting file – plain JS and CSS – and the PHP needed to form the plugin. Also like create-react-app, create-guten-block has a single dependency and provides minimum customization out of the box, yet also allows running an eject command to gain full control. Only NodeJS 8+ is required to be installed to run the tool.

The code is public on GitHub.