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Weekly Links #120

Periodic Table of the Elements The familiar table with an HTML twist. Features elements in the current HTML5 spec. Technical Debt–Don’t Let it Kill Your Projects A brief essay on how technical debt appears in a project, and the effect it has on said project. Getting Started with Drupal: A Comprehensive Hands-On Guide A detailed […]

Weekly Links #119

IE9, Opacity, and Alpha IE9 will support the standard CSS opacity, and will no longer use the filter version. This is one I’ve been wanting for a long time. Mastering the 960 Grid System A detailed tutorial for using the CSS 960 grid framework. I presently use my own homemade grid system on this site. […]

Weekly Links #118

HTML Sanitisation: The Devil’s In The Details (And The Vulnerabilities) A well-written article that compares four HTML sanitation tools for PHP and recommends HTMLPurifier as the best of the lot. Exploring FubuCore: Convert a string value to any type of .Net class with the ObjectConverter Jeremy Miller shares a class that can convert string data […]

Weekly Links #117

HTML5, Modernized: Fourth IE9 Platform Preview Available for Developers The latest IE preview is available. Get it while it’s hot! Six Useful CSS3 Tools A roundup of tools that simplify CSS3 development – especially useful for vendor-specific prefixes. Some nice code editor features provided by the VS 2010 Power Tool Extensions Scott Guthrie points out […]

Weekly Links #116

An intro to what OpenWrap is An outline of an in-the-works .NET packaging system – something we’ve needed fro some time. Code Contracts and Automated Testing are pretty much the same thing Patrick Smacchia reveals the complimentary natures of code contracts and unit tests. Introducing ASP.NET MVC 3 (Preview 1) Scott Guthrie announces the first […]

Weekly Links #115

How To Use CSS3 Media Queries To Create a Mobile Version of Your Website A tutorial on building a mobile-friendly stylesheet, and also on retrofitting an existing site to include the same. Unit Test using test doubles, aka Mock, Stub, Fake, Dummy Laurent Kempé explains some unit-testing terminology, differentiating various types of "fake"e; objects. Deciphering […]

Weekly Links #114

HTML5 For Web Designers Sells Out A Book Apart’s first print run has sold out within two months. Not surprised – I’ve read it, and it is a good book. CSS3 PIE A script that enables Internet Explorer 6-8 to render several CSS3 styles. The CSS Corner: Better Web Typography For Better Design The Internet […]

Weekly Links #113

Prefix or Posthack Eric Meyer explains the use of vendor-specific prefixes in CSS, and why they are useful for the evolution of the web. Introducing WebMatrix Scott Guthrie announces a new tool – WebMatrix – that is composed of a few new tools, and provides an all-in-one web development solution. Great Ways to Learn jQuery […]

Weekly Links #112

JScript and DOM changes in IE 9 preview 3 The latest preview appears to be catching up on script support in a big way. View the resulting compatibility table. IE‘s big leap forward; CSS3 selectors fully supported Peter Paul Koch of QuirksMode reports on the CSS support in the latest IE 9 preview – appears […]

Weekly Links #111

New FxCop is available …as part of the new Windows SDK. You must install the SDK, then you can install FxCop from the resulting folder. I think older versions were available standalone, strange that this one is not. [via] How I use Inversion of Control containers, How I use Inversion of Control containers – pulling […]

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