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Virtual Hosts with Apache

This is somewhat related to my recent post on using Apache and IIS on the same machine at the same time. It is also something that I tend to have to search for whenever I set up a new PC (or rebuild one). So here it is, for posterity. This is actually about Apache specifically; […]

Adobe CS3 – Dreamweaver

I use Dreamweaver quite a bit, so I was most interested in trying out the new version. Read up on my impressions. Very quick summary: Dreamweaver CS3 has a few new features that are nice, but it is otherwise not a big upgrade from DW 8.

Adobe CS3 – Photoshop

My previous version of Photoshop is version 6, so I have some serious catching up to do! Although while using the trial version, I did discover some very nice things about it that are already useful in my regular activities, now that I have Web Premium. Below, I’ll discuss the features I like that I […]

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