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Software Management in Windows

While I’ve always been primarily a Windows user, I have also from time to time used some Linux distro or another. One thing that stand out in sharp contrast is the relative ease of installing software. For example, when using Ubuntu, installing a package is as simple as: apt-get install [package name] While on Windows, […]

Discovering XMind for Mind Mapping

Introduction Mind maps are a useful way to both record and display information. While studying for university courses, I’ve found it useful to use pencil and paper and to out the concepts and relationships. While drawing out on paper works well initially, it’s all too easy to run off the edge of the page, requiring […]

Upgraded to Windows 7

Microsoft’s latest operating system hit the shelves not a week ago, and I’ve already installed it. This is interesting, as I am not usually an early adopter. I have been running the release candidate for some time on my formerly-XP desktop, and was impressed with the changes. I liked what I saw, and decided to […]

.NET Projects: Code Coverage with NCover

This post has been superseded; a newer one is available covering NCover 5. There’s still useful background information here, but go to the newer post for up-to-date application coverage. Introduction This series has carried on for a while now. In the process, I’ve covered setting up and organizing a Subversion repository for code versioning, using […]

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