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NUnit for .NET 4

This is partly for my future reference, and partly to share the details. If you’re reading this, you’ll likely know that .NET 4 was released almost two months ago. I’ve recently been upgrading my projects to the new framework, and hit a snag with running post-build unit tests via NUnit.

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

The news has been broken: a new beta of Visual Studio 2010 has become available for MSDN subscribers, and will be available for download by the wider public later this week. I am in the latter group, so must wait a while longer! I think I will prepare a virtual machine to install the beta […]

Reducing Code Coupling – Dependency Injection

Introduction Previously, I talked a bit about the nature of coupling in code, and the general preference to keep coupling loose where possible. I then showed one way to reduce coupling by using a service locator. There are multiple techniques to reduce coupling – the service locator is one. In this article, I’ll be illustrating […]

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