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Going Fisheyed with the Nikon 10.5mm

In previous posts in my photography tag, I’ve documented my learning process and acquisition of new equipment. I’ve long eyed getting a fisheye lens; it’s not an overly practical lens versus a fast prime or a fast telephoto, but it can be used to create some interesting photos. I lucked out last summer and found […]

Christmas 2014 Photos

Christmas 2014 has come and gone. It was a tame one compared to recent years, but successful (and delicious) nonetheless. I took numerous photos over a few days (my Nikon D50 is still going strong, nearly nine years later!), and have elected to share a select few here.

Snowbirds in Action

Victoria got a treat yesterday: the renowned aerial acrobatic team known as the Snowbirds put on a performance above the Dallas Road waterfront. It was quite the draw: plenty of people turned out for the event, which is part of celebrations for British Columbia’s 150th year.

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