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Good Content Is Too Valuable To Die

Agreed. It shouldn’t be necessary to remove content unless it is problematic, outdated, or just unneeded. .NET Magazine moved some of its online content to Creative Bloq, but left out much of the existing content. I know I’ve bookmarked a number of articles from the former’s website, so will have to look for those and update them if possible. Fortunately I’ve for some time used Evernote to clip and archive useful web content for later reference, just in case. This may well not be the case for the larger web however, though the Web Archive may be of some help.

How to lose weight (in the browser)

This whimsically-titled page is in fact a concise resource for web developers. It covers numerous ways to optimize webpages for weight and speed, and is broken down into the following subtopics:

  • markup
  • scripts
  • styles
  • images
  • server configuration
  • testing tools

Optimization can seem like a dry subject, but this resource really simplifies the subject, pointing out the simple ways to make gains on page size and speed. Low-hanging fruit perhaps, but even those can add up!

The Accessibility Project

A community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier.

Has a checklist for common issues within accessibility, including colour contrast, form element usability, and ARIA roles. Also features a listing of related resources. Finally, periodic postings of additional considerations.

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