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Review: Alas, Babylon

Author: Pat Frank Publisher: Harper Perennial Published: 1959 Pages: 323 As part of my ongoing interest in the Second World War (evidenced by my World War 2 tag) I have been looking for books, both fiction and non-fiction, that told stories, not merely presenting facts like The Necessary War. Not that there’s anything wrong with […]

Review: Das Boot

Author: Lothar Gunther Buchheim Publisher: Cassell Published: 2013 Pages: 563 I’ve long been interested in history of the early to mid 20th century, particularly in the two world wars that occurred in that time. In the last year I took an elective course at UVic on the history of World War II, which really sparked […]

Cover - Markdown by Example

Review: Markdown by Example

Author: Tim Steinbach Publisher: Leanpub Published: 2012 Pages: 214 Introduction I got my first experience with using Markdown close to a year ago, and wrote about what I had learned so far a few months ago. While Markdown isn’t a complex topic, I still wanted to have a tutorial to go through, since the official […]

Review: Responsive Web Design

Author: Ethan Marcotte Publisher: A Book Apart Published: 2011 Pages: 157 Introduction I first read about responsive web design in Ethan’s article on A List Apart over a year ago. Since then it’s sort of stuck in the back of my mind, but I didn’t do anything with it. More recently, RWD has been a […]

Kobo, boxed

Reading with Kobo

Electronic book readers have been around for some time, but I only recently started using one: the Kobo, produced by – wait for it – Kobo, based somewhere in Ontario. The Kindle is the obvious leader in the e-reader market, largely since it is backed by Amazon. I looked at the Kindle, but in my […]

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