Aftermath – An Event Apart

I’ve attended other conferences in the past, notably Web Directions North and TechDays. I’ve been wanting for some time to attend An Event Apart, a conference targeted at web developers, hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer, and which takes place several times a year at locations around the United States. I finally achieved that, at the recent Seattle meetup.

You can view the AEA group on Flickr as well as the AEA Facebook group. I’ve posted my own photos on Flickr, most of which were added to the group pool as well.

The presentations were all top-notch, with the speakers list reading like a who’s who of the web industry. There was some variety to the topics covered, but the central theme was modern standards-based web development. Suffice to say that both days were rather brain-draining!

I couldn’t pick any favourite session, as they were all good. However, some of the valuable takeaways I’ve gleaned from my notes include CSS3 capabilities, CSS media queries, and flexible layouts. Also, Luke Wroblewski’s talk “Mobile First” suggests designing new web projects for mobile devices specifically, then scaling up to full-size screens and devices, the idea being that the design will accommodate most any device capability and screen size.

Besides the presentations, a valuable part of the conference is getting to meet other people. And did I ever. I met a variety of individuals, some that were local to Seattle and area, and some that had come from the other end of the continent to attend. That should say something about this conference! Interestingly, I also met some fellow Victorians that were also in attendance.

A high point of the meet-and-greet was introducing myself to the hosts of the event, Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer. I made sure to thank them for organizing this event and filling it with such interesting speakers and presentations.

Jeffrey has done a wrap-up post on his site. It sums up the experience of the event, and highlights some of the interesting discussions that happened.

To sum it all up, An Event Apart has been an experience that will not be forgotten easily, and I shall look forward to more such experiences in the future.