2017 Advent Calendars

Another year-end, another roundup of year-end advent calendars. Some long-standing participants are still in it, and some newcomers as well.

24 Accessibility
First year. Multiple authors share advice on making the web accessible.

24 Days in December This is a PHP-specific collection of articles from various authors on different topics, usually centred around being part of the web community.

24 Gifs of Christmas
A daily animated gif, usually amusing.

24 Ways
The seminal advent calendar for web developers.

A React Christmas
Each day leads to a new nugget of information about React. Uses a novel top-level domain – .christmas

Advent of Code
Provides a small daily programming puzzle, each seemingly disparate from the rest. Yet they seem to be building up to something…

AWS Advent
Last year featured tips covering many corners of Amazon Web Services. Expect more of the same this year, except they start trickling out on December 24.

The First C# Advent Calendar
Another first-timer, this is a collection of snippets and wisdom for working with C# and .NET.

Christmas Experiments
Each day provides a new WebGL demonstration.

Front-end Advent 2017 Showcases modern front-end techniques.

Gridvent 2017 Each day (all are available immediately) provides a tip or a pointer to a useful resource on using the CSS Grid spec.

It’s a Shape Christmas
Digital artists provide an illustrated holiday-themed shape or scene each day.

Lean UXmas 2017
Reprises popular articles from Agile & Lean UX News.

Performance Calendar
All about web performance.

Perl 6 Advent Calendar
Each day developers share something they like about Perl 6, since 2009.

Perl Advent Calendar 2017
Dispensing daily Perl tips since 2000.

PHP Security Advent Calendar 2017
Presents a daily quiz to test the reader on finding vulnerabilities in a snippet of code.

Mostly targeted at system administrators, but also relevant to web developers. Has content going back to 2008, great for browsing.

The 2017 Content Strategy Advent Calendar Features short daily videos from content gurus. Transcripts included. Produced by Gather Content.

Provides daily articles on optimizing user experience.

WordPress Advent Calendar
Daily tips or code snippets on various aspect of WordPress.

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