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Create Guten Block Toolkit

As a follow-up to his Gutenberg Boilerplate from last year (which I wrote about previously), Ahmad Awais has published a toolkit named create-guten-block to easily generate new Gutenberg blocks. While the previous effort simplified the process of block creation, it was still a manual process heavy in NodeJS package dependencies and related configuration.

This new toolkit largely automates the process by providing a generator similar in concept to that of create-react-app. Like create-react-app, it outputs a React project with the necessary supporting file – plain JS and CSS – and the PHP needed to form the plugin. Also like create-react-app, create-guten-block has a single dependency and provides minimum customization out of the box, yet also allows running an eject command to gain full control. Only NodeJS 8+ is required to be installed to run the tool.

The code is public on GitHub.

Introducing Gutenberg Boilerplate For Third Party Custom Blocks!

The Gutenberg Boilerplate has been superseded by a new toolkit called create-guten-block. I wrote about the new tool in a recent post.

The Gutenberg initiative – a new editing experience for WordPress – has been underway for some time. Yet documentation and examples have been a bit thin on the ground, making uptake a challenge for would-be developers. Ahmad Awais has made the effort to coalesce the necessary pieces and best practices into a boilerplate. The result is Gutenberg Boilerplate.

Kudos to Ahmad for taking the initiative. I’ve been perusing what documentation and examples I could find and hadn’t yet attained a complete picture. Yet, having reviewed Ahmad’s boilerplate I have a much better grasp on how a block is put together. I plan to make an attempt at building a custom block, once I decide what to build!

The Boilerplate code is available on GitHub.

Building Blocks

Zurb recently announced the availability of the building blocks showcase for hosting custom components created by people using the Foundation framework. I’ve used Foundation before so was interested in looking at the listing. There are a few entries that have given me some inspiration for what I can do on my own site and elsewhere. The listing can be searched, browsed by category, or browsed from oldest to newest. Each item contains a preview mode and the relevant markup, Sass/CSS, and JavaScript used to achieve the demoed effect.

Announcement blog post

Eric Meyer on CSS Grid and Quotes

Styling of drop quotes (and drop caps) has long been a topic on the web. CSS Grid recently arrived in several major browsers, with the obvious use of handling page layout. Eric Meyer has put forth an alternate use of the grid system, to style drop quotes for blockquotes, though this could possibly be extended to manage drop caps also.

Blue Jays Franchise at 40

I’m a Blue Jays fan, so I read with great interest the linked article detailing the franchise’s start. I knew they had started out in the old Exhibition Stadium and didn’t move into the Skydome – now Rogers Center – until some years later. Got a chuckle at the use of a Zamboni on the field due to the snow.

Happy birthday, Blue Jays. Here’s to many more, and yet another successful season.

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