A knowledgeable, creative, and enthusiastic individual with a broad range of computer skills relating to web development and computer programming.


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Pharmacy systems analyst

Island Health, Pharmacy Services

Summer 2014

For my final co-op term, I inventoried existing reports and programs, and compiled a listing of all the code values they used from the Cerner database. Because the older Cerner implementation was being gradually replaced with a new one, and since the new one treated code values differently, I updated the reports and programs to work with code values in an environment-agnostic fashion.

Co-op WordPress Developer

Vancouver Island Health Authority

Summer 2012, Spring 2013

For two work terms, I worked on realigning an existing website, taking it from being a reference for students in biology to a reference for professionals working in the field of infectious diseases. This included content inventory, sitemapping, planning the new site, and building it out with features, content types, and interactions, as well as building a theme around a provided design.

Web Specialist

University of Victoria – Faculty of Social Sciences

Summer 2009-Spring 2010

I worked as one of two developers at the faculty; our task has been to transition the faculty’s various websites to a new web template that the university has standardized on. This involved setting up new pages using the template, moving existing content, and working with stakeholders to ensure site content was updated appropriately.

Web Analyst

Ministry of Forests – Revenue Branch

Winter/Spring 2009

My primary duty was keeping the branch’s public and internal websites up to date. This was done by coordinating with coworkers the adding and updating of materials on the site. Work also included transitioning pages from an older layout template to a newer standard template.

Web Developer

Atomic Crayon

Spring 2007-Fall 2008

I assisted coworkers in building and maintaining websites and web applications for various clients.

Web Developer

Canadian Agricultural Economic Society

Summer 2006-Present

When I started on the project, the site was outdated in appearance and content. I rebuilt the site with a more modern appearance, and assisted in migrating existing and new content to the new site.

Website Developer

Ministry of Attorney General – Strategic HR

Summer 2005

As a sort of followup to the previous project, I was tasked with completely redeveloping the Strategic HR department’s website. This included developing and implementing a new site structure and page layout. I also spent much time moving content from the old site to the new, often making updates in various pages and documents along the way. Finally, I assisted in the addition of several new sections to the site, making the site all the more useful.

Website Developer

Ministry of Attorney General – Finance & Administration

Spring-Summer 2005

I was responsible for redesigning the Finance and Administration’s intranet site, which was very outdated, with an old-school design and bloated code. It was also hard to update and use. The redesign made the site much more aesthetically pleasing, and much easier to use. I also replaced the outdated code with modern, standards-based markup.

Web Application Developer

Ministry of Management Services – Population Department

Spring-Summer 2004

I wrote a web-based front end for their population demographic data, which is contained in a relational database. This saved the employees having to maintain static HTML pages containing massive tables of the same data. Using the new system, the employees can now just update the database, which can be interactively queried to generate a table displaying the resulting data.


University of Victoria, 2010-2014 — BSc in Health Information Science

Camosun College, 2002-2005 — Computer Systems Technology diploma

Lambrick Park Secondary, 1996-2001 — High School diploma