About Me

I am Grant Palin, and I have numerous interests which are reflected on this site.

Brief History

I was born in Victoria, BC, Canada in 1983, and have lived in Victoria my whole life. As I was growing up, I could not read enough books, on various subjects, and that tendency continues today. In more recent years, I have taken on other hobbies such as drawing, photography, and writing. For a time, I entertained the notion of establishing a career as an architect, but information technology captured my interest, and that is the field I have worked in since.

Education & skills

For a formal listing of my education, skills, and work experience, feel free to view my résumé. Quick summary: graduated a 2.5-year college program, Computer Systems Technology, with a diploma and co-op experience.

Continuous Learning

During my time in college, and following that, I have continued building up my existing skills and learning new ones as well. This has led me towards skill and interest in various subjects, such as programming, photography, drawing, and writing. I believe in continuing to push my boundaries by comsuming subject literature, practicing and experimenting, taking courses, discussing with others, and attending presentations and conferences.

About the Site

This site is the basecamp of my online presence. By having this outlet, I can write posts or articles on anything that interests me, and that I think may also be useful to others. I can also share my photos, and showcase my portfolio. My site has really evolved over the years. I started it as a static homepage and portfolio, then wanted to add a blog feature. I worked on a custom blog system for a while, then discovered WordPress. Recent versions of WP have had features that allow it to be used as a basic Content Management System (CMS), and not just a blog. So all of my personal site is now managed through WP. The visual appearance of the site has changed much over the years as well, as I could not settle on a theme that I liked. I eventually learned enough about theming for WP that I created a custom theme for this site, which is what you see now. I feel it best represents my interests and personality. Some specs about the site:



  • jQuery Super JavaScript
  • HTML Web building blocks
  • CSS Making the site colourful
  • Fireworks Webpage layout
  • Dreamweaver Web editing tool

Elsewhere Online

I can occasionally be found online at various websites and forums. I also take part in the following social networks: