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As a university student, part-time freelancer, and occasional blogger who also has other hobbies, keeping up with news and content about any one topic – WordPress included – can be a daunting prospect. In a lot of cases – again, WordPress included – news aggregators can gather and list items of note. For a busy person, this can simplify finding new content.

In the case of WordPress, there are a number of hubs on the web that produce and/or centralize news and other content. Some of these go back quite some time, while others are relatively recent. Over time, some sites have come and gone, or just become less active, or essentially started over.

Some current well-known sites in this vein are Post Status, WordPress Tavern, A Better Planet, and Torque. I follow these, and more, and they do well at listing content of note. What they don’t do is indicate the noteworthiness of freshly listed content, as seen by the community. This is a visible aspect of sites such as Reddit and Hacker News, with commenting and voting on content.

Until now, there has been something of a void in WordPress content aggregation with community voting on the noteworthiness of said content. ManageWP have stepped into that void with their new site, homepage screenshot
The new homepage

If I had to nitpick, I personally don’t like the multi-column layout used on most of the pages. This layout is used on other sites – comments on LifeHacker, for one, Pinterest for another – and I find it harder to scan down the page than a linear layout. Interestingly, the Latest page uses a simpler linear layout – it could be nice to have the choice of layout as an option for the user. The layout is responsive, however, and the multicolumn layout collapses into one column for smaller viewports.

Other than the overall layout, the interface is functional, with buttons for quick voting and sharing. There’s also a browser bookmarklet which can be used to quickly share the current page to the site.

On the site, the content is split into different categories, such as Articles, Plugins, and Themes, among others, which can be browsed individually. There is also an RSS feed to follow the site’s shared items via a feed aggregator.

While I already follow a number of WordPress resources and aggregators, I’ve happily added to the list. The voting feature will be useful to show which items are highly regarded, and it’s a way to discover any interesting items which may not have been shown elsewhere. I can recommend this resource for any WordPress developer or user.

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