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Extending WordPress: Custom Fields with CMB2

Custom fields add a tremendous amount of flexibility to WordPress’ built-in content types (posts and pages) but also to custom content types. They allow data entry of different shapes and forms versus the standard editor. I recently had to implement some custom fields on pages and decided to document how I got the job done using CMB2.

Extending WordPress – Customizing the Customizer

Introduction There has long been a practice in themes including a theme settings page within the administrative dashboard. The customizer, which first appeared in [which??] has been intended as a place to centralize appearance-related settings. WordPress has since been encouraging use of the customizer over theme options pages. The Customizer Whither options pages? WordPress for […]

The Future of WordPress

A very eloquent review of where WordPress stands in today’s web and of what it can be made into. Includes ideas for where WordPress might go in the future, some criticisms, and input from notable community members. Well worth a read for anyone who wants to check the current view of WordPress. Some good discussion in the comments as well – whoever said comments were dead??

WordPress Glossary

The WPBeginner site has unveiled a new resource for WordPressers: a glossary. WordPress resources are abundant online, but there has not been a canonical glossary on the subject – the Codex is good for what it does, but it is not a glossary. WPBeginner have taken the initiative to create a centralized listing of WordPress-related terms, along with their definitions, and link to related content as appropriate (good SEO win for WPBeginners as well). It’s a good start, but there’s much more that can be added; the people behind the site are open to suggestions! They are also interested in volunteers to help with managing the glossary.

Read the announcement post.

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