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Discovering Bower for Frontend Dependencies

With the proliferation of front-end frameworks and tools, managing the ones used by a project has become a chore. Bower provides a means to centrally install, update, and remove a project’s front-end dependencies. Bower also has a central repository for community-created packages available for consumption.

Discovering Composer for PHP Dependencies

Composer is a productivity tool for PHP developers. It provides structure for managing a project’s dependencies, and for packaging a project to be used as a dependency such as a library or framework. This post provides an introduction to Composer, some of its use cases, and usage examples.

Huge News! Get Windows 8 and Windows Phone Controls for FREE for the Duration of TechEd 2014


TechEd 2014 is on, and I’m envious that I’m not in attendance. However, Telerik, purveyor of controls for application development, are giving away licenses for their Windows 8 and Windows Phone control packs over the duration of TechEd. I’ve gone through the claim process, the licenses are equivalent to the one-year subscription options, and apparently can be renewed or upgraded. Not only that, but Telerik are working on components for the new universal apps, and have stated that these new components will be added free of charge to the accounts of any who get the free tools this week!

This is a fabulous offering for those on the fence over trying the tools, and very timely for me as I was planning to purchase a Windows 8 pack. I save some money now, and just might be renewing later – many thanks to Telerik for the freebie. The generosity is much appreciated so I can get started on Windows 8 application development.

A console window lists NDepend's power tools

Review: NDepend v4

NDepend is a commercial tool used to analyze compiled .NET assemblies, and generates resulting metrics, diagrams, and reports. The newest version – NDepend 4 – is available with come notable changes, described within.

NUnit for .NET 4

This is partly for my future reference, and partly to share the details. If you’re reading this, you’ll likely know that .NET 4 was released almost two months ago. I’ve recently been upgrading my projects to the new framework, and hit a snag with running post-build unit tests via NUnit.

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