Weekly Links #81

Top 20+ MySQL Best Practices

To Grid or Not to Grid: Advantages and Disadvantages
I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. A grid system allows to precisely lay out a website design.

Advanced Power Tips For WordPress Template Developers

patterns & practices Application Architecture Guide 2.0
Provides guidance on structuring applications. Have done a quick skim – it looks to cover quite a few topics in some depth. [via]

Albacore: Come join the discussion!
Albacore is a library of build tasks written in Ruby, to be run using Rake. Looks interesting!

WordPress SEO
A detailed article on optimizing your blog’s findability.

A Reading Guide To Becoming A Better Developer
A good roundup of a variety of software development books. Some I’ve read already, some are already on the reading list, and some just got added to the reading list.