Weekly Links #68

DWWS 3e Pre-Order & Tout Page
Jeffrey Zeldman touts the upcoming 3rd edition of his Designing with Web Standards book. A mini-site for the book is up, and the book itself can be pre-ordered.

Expand Your Development Skills With Creative Tech Projects
A good idea, and something I try to do with several different projects involving different tools and techniques.

Typedia is a resource to classify, categorize, and connect typefaces. – Like Flickr, but for fonts! [via]

Vital Tips For Effective Logo Design

Another Time-Lapse of the Milky Way
Excellent time-lapse video.

How to Design the Web in a High-Def World
There’s always discussion on optimizing websites for small screens. This post looks at designing for big screens.

Meet our newest site – Web.AppStorm
Yet another new site from Envato, this one targeted at web applications. Do those folks never rest? Check it out.