Weekly Links #67

Microsoft to Support IE6 Until 2014
sigh Five more years…

Taming Advanced CSS Selectors
A roundup of selectors that can be used in modern browsers – worth keeping handy.

Web fonts and standards
Jeffrey Zeldman succinctly summarizes the status of cross-browser techniques to display not-so-common fonts on the web.

What Is Phototuts+?
The start of another tutorials site by Envato. [via]

15 Cool Digital Photography Links from Around the Web
A nice roundup of photography-related links. Some new reading material for me.

Unit Testing Has Changed How I Write Software

Building Line of Business Applications with Silverlight 3 – Pros and Cons
A good discussion of the upsides and downsides to using Silverlight.

Creating A Blogging Maintenance Routine That Isn’t A Chore
Useful information for any blogger.

Enterprise Product: $50,000 and 8 months – You must be kidding!
An entertaining read about an impressive success.

The Art of Unit Testing
Excellent in-depth review of Roy Osherove’s book – the book is on my to-read list.

Publishing your own photo book

DNG, RAW and JPEG: What I Use & Why
Covers the merits of each, and provides an opinion on the ideal choice. Good reading for digital photographers.