Weekly Links #52

What to do About Those Pesky Singletons?
A look at how usage of singletons can be minimized or removed.

What’s Golden
Jason Santa Maria on the golden ratio.

What Should Microsoft Do For .NET Open Source?
Discussions on what Microsoft can do to encourage open source development.

Revitalizing a Technical Career
Good advice. I’m doing some of these already, and the others I plan to do.

The Problem With Active Record
Interesting critique of the Active Record data access methodology.

Common Logging 2.0 for .NET Released
Good idea – reminds me of the Common Service Locator.

A testing survey on a large project
Reflections on the use of multiple levels of testing for a project.

The Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) is here!
Got mine from TechNet last week, running it in VMware. Initial impressions are good. The download page.

Font Embedding Now
Dave Shea experiments with using the Cufon project to set type in a blog post. Probably best to limit it to header text.

Open Thread: What Project Management Software Do You Use?
Interesting reading, as I’m not much on organizing projects.

Part of your job should be to learn
Agreed. Work is not just for working, but also for learning.