Weekly Links #22

A List Apart: Ten Years
A List Apart has been the foremost web magazine for a long time – a whole ten years in fact! Jeffrey Zeldman reflects on the history of the site.

A List Apart: Understanding Progressive Enhancement (1 of n)
Aaron Gustafson goes into the principles of progressive enhancement for the web. This is the first in a series on the topic.

MTA announces relaunch of php|architect brand, new lower subscription prices
This is interesting news for me, as I have been a subscriber for a few years now – the magazine is a great resource! Marco Tabini does some retrospective on his blog.

Typographic Marks Unknown
Shows some unusual typographic characters, including some history and uses for each.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials – Best Of: Part 2
More useful resources for learning Illustrator.

Explaining JavaScript scope and closures
JavaScript handles scope somewhat differently from other common programming and scripting languages, and it also has an interesting capability for creating and using closures. Robert Nyman explains the concepts clearly.

DI and IoC: Creating And Working With A Cloud Of Objects
A nice explanation – with illustrations – on how dependency injection and inversion of control work.