Weekly Links #21

IServiceLocator a step toward IoC container / Service locator detente
A new library is on Codeplex, offering a standard interface that can be implemented by the various Inversion of Control libraries. This would ensure that any code using the interface would remain blissfully ignorant of which IoC container was being used. This was proposed by Jeremy Miller just two months ago, nice to see it has come to fruition so quickly! A little more information here.

WordPress 2.7 Comments Enhancements
Some advice on updating themes for WP 2.7, which will have an updated commenting facility.

WordPress 2.7 Wireframes
A neat look at the currently-planned interface for WP 2.7.

Seven habits for writing secure PHP applications
Very good points on writing secure PHP code.

Setting up a build environment
Shows how to setup a build environment using Subversion, MSBuild, and TeamCity. Nice overview, been meaning to try TeamCity.

Dmitry Baranovskiy Talks about Raphaël
Interesting, had not heard of that library before. Time to take a look.

App Arch How Tos Posted to CodePlex
Following on a discussion started earlier, this post links to some draft articles on the subject on how to plan and build applications. Looks fairly solid so far.