Weekly Links #13

Community News: Responses to the Death of PHP4
Not-quite grief over the end of the line for PHP4. It’s time to standardize on PHP 5, and prepare for 6, which is on the way.

How To Upgrade WordPress Using Subversion
Been wanting to try this for a while. A good walkthrough. [via]

URL Rewriting for Beginners
Probably the most in-depth tutorial I have seen on the subject.

Moving Toward Manual Settings: Understanding Aperture (a beginner’s guide)
Great one. Still trying to understand aperture.

An Introduction to Architectural Photography
Very interesting!

Rules for Spartan Programmers
More great CQL rules from Patrick – think I can use some of these.

The Onion Architecture : part 3
The short series has been good reading, giving me ideas how to better organize project structure.

Where is the include coming from?
Shows the module dependencies for different open-source projects – very eye-opening.

23 Beautiful Examples of Web Site Archives
A great collection of various site archive pages – some good inspiration.