The A List Apart 2008 Survey Awaits!

What started as a curiosity a year ago now seems to have become an annual event. Jeffrey Zeldman and the folks at A List Apart held a survey targeted at web developers, and people from around the globe participated. The results were published after the survey ended, and they made for some interesting reading.

Well, it’s that time of year again…

The 2008 survey is happening now. If you are a web developer, you should fill it out! It takes at most ten minutes.

I took the survey! Will you?

The questions have been improved over last year’s, with respect to freelancers and people working at the international level. A List Apart is hoping for an even bigger data set at the end of the survey – it will be interesting to compare this year’s results with those of last year, and see where changes have happened.

The news is making the rounds on the web – indeed, two prominent figures have already written about it: Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer.